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Classic and Convivial Spirit of Italy in Phuket


classic and convivial spirit of italy in phuket


At That’s Amore we offer a variety of popular Italian staples including antipasti, salumi, cheeses, salads, pastas and our artisanal Pinsa.

The Most Romantic Balcony

in Old Town

World-famous typical dishes from Italy are given a special touch in That’s Amore Restaurant.

Our Old Phuket Town Restaurant is a bit vintage but contemporary, a bit classic but modern and romantic… Here, we focus on the sourcing of ingredients and the use of traditional techniques, in a fresh and elegant environment, with impeccable service.

The choice of quality, fresh ingredients from selected Italian suppliers is our priority! We are That’s Amore and we are now open in the heart of Old Phuket Town.

Gourmet dishes

Signature Recipes You Will Love

What is Pinsa?

Yes, it's a PIZZA but.. the dough is made with several leavening maturation techniques: it’s very fragrant and this is due to maturation process and mother yeast usage. Particularly low in fat and calories.

Its composition means that the Pinsa is lighter than pizza, and more digestible too: when you eat the Pinsa, you will immediately notice that you are not thirsty, nor feel a sense of heaviness and excessive satiety.