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29000 ฿
A seafood appetizer from Campania region, made with mussels, clams and black pepper, served with toasted bread
The most simple way to savour: grouper au gratin, with herbs, salt and lemon. Served with grilled vegetables
Fritto Misto
38000 ฿
A traditional dish of deeply fried crispy seafood
Beech smoked salmon steak directly en place, on a bed of vegetables
Light and simple dish based on fresh tuna of excellent quality, cut into small pieces and seasoned with an emulsion of olive oil.
Polpo Mario
65000 ฿
Tasty dish with octopus, potatoes, garlic, olive oil and herbs
Vibrant broth with tomatoes, olive oil and garlic brimming with layers of flavour as a base for the best fresh seafood
Half steamed lobster cooked with white wine, olive oil and cherry tomatoes and served with boiled potatoes
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