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Classic and Convivial Spirit of Italy in Phuket


Sangiovese La Carraia

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1,10000 ฿
This wine is blended from Italian grown Sangiovese. It featured red fruits such as a cherries and strawberries
Primitivo Donna Marzia is Intense ruby red colour intense aroma of ripe fruit with hints of spices. Soft and velvety with scents of ripe red fruits. Good structure.
Vermentino. Winery : Conti Zecca. Puglia, Italy.
This rose wine is a blend of Negro Amaro and other recommended grapes sourced from Italy's Puglia region. It features red fruits such as Cherry and Rasberry. A refreshing, delicte, harmonic and Fruity wine.
Prosecco Treviso Millesimato Dry by Allegrini
Negroamaro 40%, Malvasia 25%, Merlot 20%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%. This is a big of BFG; a big warm, friendly wine from Puglia in southern Italy. Made from grapes that are left to dry on the vine, this particular vinification method-called apassimento - adds oomph and alcohol (just to warm you this is 14.5%). Rich and concentrated. It's full of plum and fig flavorss. Especially good with spaghetti bolognese.
Tizzonero 2017
1,80000 ฿
La Carraia. Umbria, Italy It has an intense ruby red color of good complexity and intensity, notes of black cherry, currant, chocolate and cinchona licorice are recognized and in the mouth the impact is soft, juicy and persistent, rich in fruity extracts. good minerality.
Corte Giara. Veneto Italy. 100% Merlot. Brilliant and intense ruby red. Vinous and rich in red fruits with barely distinguishable vegetal notes in the background.
Nero d'Avola 100%. Medium ruby color. Medium aromas of black cherry, black plum, cocoa, leather, dried plum, bramble, cloves. Dry with medium acidity, medium tannins, full body, medium finish.
100% Sangiovese. The wine opens with ruby red color with violet tinges. It has a full and intense fragance with hints of red fruit which bring to mind cheeries and rasberries. On the palate the wine is smooth and well-balanced. The finish is characterized by gentle tannins and the presistent flavor of the grapes.
More 2018
2,19000 ฿
More Collavini. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. Merlot 60%, Refosco dal Peduncolo rosso 40%. Ruby red, dense and intense, with a deep purple hue. The nose is complex, fruity and spicy, with a clear hint of berries, tobacco and liquorice. In the mouth it is rich, full-bodied, aromatic and persistent, with an abundance of soft and tender tannins.
Merlot di Casa 2018 Collavini. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. Merlot. The Casa Merlot is a garnet ruby red, with youthful alcoholic fragrances, vaguely herbaceous, reminiscent of raspberries and briar.
Pinot grigio 100%. Intense straw yellow with interesting copper highlights. The nose offers flowery and characteristic sensations with hints of citrus fruits. In the mouth it is well balanced, silky and savoury and elegance is the main feature.
Sangiovese 100%. The wine is a medium toned ruby red while the bouquet reveals fruity fragrances and oral notes. Juicy and easy to drink, always fresh, well balanced and pleasant.
Valpolicella Ripasso 2019 Corte Giara. Veneto, Italy. Corvina 70%, Rondinella 30%. This wine captures all the aromas, softness and maturity of the best vines of Valpolicella, vinified with the traditional fermentation on the pomace of partially dried grapes.
Sangiovese 100%. Fermented primarily from Sangiovese, fresh cherry, strawberries, and red plum pleasure the senses when enjoying this wine.
I Frati Lugana
2,39000 ฿
Trebbiano 100%. The I Frati has a concentrated but fresh perfume of white flowers, peach and ripe lemons. On the palate it has excellent depth and balance, with a trademark richness and lovely crisp, lively finish.
Chardonnay 100%. Creamy, not really deep and complex. More east and approachable. Classic style. Still fresh but more rounded due to oak and chardonnay. Nice wine well made. Light butter and oak. Light nose. Medium Light body. Low acidity.
Chardonnay 100%. Creamy, not really deep and complex. More east and approachable. Classic style. Still fresh but more rounded due to oak and chardonnay. Nice wine well made. Light butter and oak. Light nose. Medium Light body. Low acidity.
Rosa dei Frati
2,39000 ฿
Groppello 60%, Sangiovese 15%, Marzemino 15%, Barbera 10%. Rosa dei Frati is light pink with a touch of 'onion skin' orange. Zesty and vibrant with aromas of summer pudding, summer berry fruit flavours and strawberries. It is perfectly balanced with a lovely refreshing finish. Winery : Ca' dei Frati. Lombardia, Italy.
Cannonau 100%. It has red ruby gradually shades into warmer, less intense shades as the wine ages. The faintly tousled woodland fragrances of the wine's first year mature with aging into a complex, elegant bouquet proffering distinct whiffs of violets that fuse well with the tertiary notes of spiciness contributed by cask conditioning.
Shiraz 100%. Intense ruby-red tinged with violet. Mediterra has fruity and warm notes of red berries. Full-bodied and fresh with an impressively long finish.
Blend of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc of light yellow color with green reflections. Bouquet: low and fruity (tropical fruit) with light notes of yeast. Cantina Terlano (Terlano) .North Italy.
Chardonnay 80%, Pinot nero 10%, Pinot bianco 10%.The nose reveals fresh aromas of lime and pleasant of citrus, white peach and green pepper. In the mouth it is taut, vibrant, very drinkable and with a persistent finish.
Chardonnay 65%, Pinot Nero 35%. This light pink sparkler spreads throughout the mouth. A sensation of plush volume is backed by creamy foam and delicate tones of wild berry, pink grapefruit and freshly baked. Winery : Contadi Castaldi.
Sangiovese. Fermented primarily from Sangiovese, fresh cherry, strawberries, and red plum pleasure the senses when enjoying this wine. Tuscany, Italy.
Nebbiolo 100%. A garnet red wine in color with dark ruby highlights and with a complex nose with notes of liquorice, berry fruit, cinnamon, cloves, and violets. The flavours feature solid and ample tannins and a long finish of ripe fruit.
Barolo 2017
6,80000 ฿
Nebbiolo 100%. Aromas of very ripe berry and cherry fruit combined with floral and spicy notes.Powerful flavours with supple and ample tannins and a long finish and aftertaste.
Vistamare Gaya
7,90000 ฿
is a very limited production wine and the only white wine produced by the Ca‘ Marcanda estate, providing wine collectors with a true gem: Angelo Gaja’s exclusive expression of Tuscan white wine 40% Vermentino, 40% Viognier, and 20% Fiano.
Sangiovese 100%. Very expressive and intense with young red fruit, blackberry and the typical balsamic. Palate full body, persistent and rich. Finish silky tannins and superb length.
Cabernet Sauvignon 100%. This is concentrated wines with ripe berry flavours, firm tannins and lasting finishes. Plum, cassis, liquorice and pepper are also familiar flavour profiles found in this wine style.
Mahâris 2017
8,90000 ฿
Maharis Winery: Feudo Maccari, offers a ruby red color with purple highlights. On the nose balsamic notes mix with cocoa and coffee. In the mouth, balsamic notes return from the bouquet, with soft tannins that envelop the palate. The finish exhibits spicy, smoky notes that make this wine both pleasant and unforgettable.
Orma Toscana IGT
8,90000 ฿
Orma is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. In features red fruits such as intense berry and cherries. It's well structured and well balanced. A delightfully fruity wine. winery: Orma

The Fontodi 2016 Flaccianello della Pieve is a standout wine of the dry vintage. This pure Sangiovese opens to a dark garnet color with more visible concentration and density compared to recent past editions.

This is a beautiful wine with pliant tannins, dark fruit richness, balanced acidity and a fruit-forward 15% alcohol content. The wine is big and bold when weighed on the Flaccianello scale (and even more so when weighed on the Sangiovese scale) with dark cherry, plum, spice, violet, chalk and campfire ash.

Despite that power and inner opulence, this wine adds that zesty Sangiovese character with fresh acidity and an energised approach. This Flaccianello is whole and complete with the natural firmness and structure to hold it steady during the aging process. A small part of amphorae-aged fruit is added to the blend.

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